CoLAB Partners

CoLAB University Partners

For students majoring in a STEM field, particularly Computer Science or Information Systems, there are three Digital Specialist Credentials available. (Coming soon: Click the link associated with the Digital Specialist Credential you are interested in completing.)

  • Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics

UMBC is currently working to implement an online system that allows students to track their progress in earning any of the Digital Generalist or Digital Specialist credentials. Students should follow this site for updates on how to track and share their earned micro-credentials.

Logos of the Universities involved with the CoLab


As a Capital CoLab university partner, UMBC is able to issue digital micro-credentials to students who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with those technical skills in demand across our region. For example, the Digital Generalist Credential is designed for non-STEM majors and is available to any UMBC student to complete and demonstrate basic digital technology skills. To learn more, visit the Digital Generalist Credential requirements web page.

CoLAB Employer Partners

Employers across all industries—from government and healthcare to the arts and energy—hire workers from an array of educational backgrounds to succeed in today’s increasingly digital economy.

To keep pace with the region’s demand for digital skill sets and do so in a way that enables inclusive economic growth, employers must clearly signal their talent needs and proactively invest in their workforce pipeline.  CoLAB partners are working across the region to ensure students are engaged in CoLAB programs to build the most diverse digital tech workforce in the country.


Logos of the CoLab's partners